Expert Squarespace designers at a price that founders can afford.

Designstaq is a modern web design company built for founders. Based in Bangladesh, we are a globally distributed team that helps founders showcase their best work. We believe that every founder should be able to get a beautiful, professionally-designed Squarespace website that represents their brand. Too many founders end up wasting precious time dealing with unprofessional freelancers. We don’t think you should be one of them. 

Rasel Kabir CEO & Co-Founder

Rasel is in charge of all things design at Designstaq. Rasel moved to Silicon Valley after college to join a tech startup where she quickly taught herself UX design. He helped startups successfully launch their websites & mobile apps. In her free time, Rase; enjoys practicing yoga and making homemade ice cream.

Tania Khatun

Tania loves helping small teams get new ideas off the ground. He has helped startups design, build, and grow their businesses. Tania is a Stanford grad and former product manager. In his free time, you can find Tania reading a copy of Ben Franklin’s autobiography or cooking up a storm in the kitchen



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